Deringer-Ney currently produces three families of alloys that provide the semiconductor industry with unrivaled performance: Paliney, Deriney, and Neyoro. These are some of the most advanced and highly demanded precious metal alloys for the semiconductor PCB test industry. The competitive edge of these alloys over the competition is mainly due to their formability and an optimized combination of mechanical and physical properties, such as stiffness and conductivity. When compared to other alloys within similar applications, Deringer-Ney alloys outperform the competition with a greater number of touchdowns, given low property degradation at elevated temperatures over time. Applications where these precious metal alloys excel include MEMS, buckling beam, straight, vertical, and cantilever probes, as well as pogo pins and sockets. In the dynamic semiconductor industry that continues to break barriers, Deringer-Ney leads the industry by pushing the performance frontier.

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Our components are used in many different semiconductor applications. A few of those include:

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Buckling Beams

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