Cold Forming

Deringer-Ney, Inc. is an Industry leader for high-speed manufacturing of cold-formable parts. Our technology produces finished parts with little to no scrap at net or near net shape. Utilizing our expertise in precious metal alloys and base metals, we offer a low cost solution for a variety of industrial needs.

Cold Forming Process

Cold forming is the process of forging metals at near room temperatures. In a cold heading machine metal wire is feed stock is cutoff into small segments and formed in a multiple die progression. Each step of the high speed process imparts specific geometrical features The design of that progression is manufacturability and long term production success. The cold working of the metal increases the hardness, yield, and tensile strengths of the final product.


When compared to traditional metal machining, cold forming excels due to the production of ZERO processing scrap. At high pressure, the metal is deformed to take the shape of the die. Therefore, you do not have the metal shaving and chips that would be present with other machining technologies. Our Bimetal products are also unique to the Cold forming process. Instead of the more expensive step of welding material together, some metals can be bonded together during the cold forming process. Overall, the cost savings that cold forming offers is substantial when compared to traditional machining.

Secondary Features

Some features that cannot be directly made with Cold Heading can be added in secondary operations, such as threading, pointing, or rolling. Typical parts made using cold forming technology include screws, nuts, and bolts, electrical contacts, and rivets. In addition to these “high volume standard” parts, there are many thousands of different custom parts for a diverse set of applications.


Our Bimetal technology offers a high quality solution for parts like electrical contacts at a much lower cost than a fully precious metal part. Our process can combine a base metal like copper and a precious metal like silver so that the silver is located at the critical contact location and the less expensive material forms the remainder of the part. In addition to our ability to make cold headed bimetal contacts, we produce brazed, welded, and staked contacts and contact assemblies.

Technical Capabilities

We are able to produce parts in a wide size range to tight tolerances. Materials selection and part design for cold forming is a science. Our expert team of engineers is happy to work closely with you in order to determine the best solution for to meet your needs.

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