In-Die Staking

High-Speed in-die staking is another cost effective assembly technology. We have extensive experience in this method. Bimetallic contacts can be used to reduce part cost without sacrificing performance.

We design and produce the tooling, and run the parts on high-speed presses. Prototypes are also available.


DNI’s precision stampings are used in a variety of applications, such as semiconductor, hearing aids, sliding and potentiometric contacts, medical devices, telecommunications and aerospace. We have stamping capabilities at both our Bloomfield CT and Nogales Mexico facilities. Metal strip is fed through our high speed presses where the metal is stamped with high pressure in an engineered die specifically made for the design of the part. With this process, we’re able to make millions of parts with high quality and precision.

Furnace Brazing

In our brazing department, we produce millions of electric contacts per year including bimetal contact buttons, bimetal studs, and bimetal rivet style contacts. Brazing can produce geometries where the precious metal contact material cannot readily be joined to the backing by other means, such as cold cladding, cold heading or welding. In furnace brazing, parts are fixtured in brazing jigs, which are then fed through the furnaces under controlled atmosphere. Since it is a metallic bond, the braze joint is extremely strong.

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