Deringer-Ney, Inc is a global leader in the invention, development, and supply of custom precious metal alloys and precision components. Prototyping is a critical stage in a product’s development that allows for the refinement and verification of function. In addition, prototyping provides valuable insight into manufacturing challenges. Deringer-Ney can assist customers with their design and prototype to improve manufacturability, function and value.


Deringer-Ney can help reduce project costs and lead-times significantly with Design for Manufacturing services. Our team of engineers can help adjust part designs to meet functional requirements while considering the manufacturing implications. This can result in tooling that is less expensive, more robust, and completed in a shorter time.

Stamping and Metal Forming

Deringer-Ney can form metal prototypes and low volume production parts.  Deringer-Ney utilizes a variety of standard frames, part specific tooling, and manually progressed blanks. For lower volume requirements, this can serve as a low cost alternative to a progressive die. For higher volumes, this critical stage can provide a flexible means of producing production-like parts in a fraction of the time. Deringer-Ney’s prototype stamping has been used to develop features such as complex lance geometry and shallow draws of exotic materials.


Deringer-Ney has a number of machining capabilities that are regularly applied to prototype parts. This includes Swiss Screw Machine, vertical machining centers, mill-turn capabilities, and EDM (wire and sinker). Deringer-Ney regularly machines precious and exotic materials.


Deringer-Ney specializes in insert molding and straight molding of small components with challenging tolerances. All tools are built in-house. Building single cavity prototype tooling allows for an iteration of mold design that results in more robust production processes completed in a more efficient manner.


Deringer-Ney regularly prototypes assembly processes. These include resistance welding, soldering, heat staking, and press fit. Deringer-Ney is constantly pushing the boundary of technology and developing new processes in prototype. Many high volume production parts require advanced automation that Deringer-Ney designs and builds in-house. These parts can often be assembled using manual stations in a prototype fashion to provide initial parts and even to launch production.

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