Arcing Contacts

Opening and closing electrical power circuits under load creates special challenges at the contact interface.  Material choice and contact design requires a careful balance between the need for high electrical and thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, high melting point to prevent arc erosion, high hardness for wear resistance, and ease of manufacture.  Deringer-Ney’s PowerMet family of material compositions excels at meeting this careful balance between competing engineering criteria.
Contact materials include…
  • silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide, silver graphite, silver nickel, fine silver, and coin silver
  • silver tungsten, silver tungsten carbide, silver molybdenum
  • copper tungsten, copper tungsten carbide     



Electric Mining

Electrical Switchgear

Rail and Transit

Industrial Power Switching

Power Utility Components

Refractory Contact Tips

Cold-Formed Contact Rivets

Contact Materials

  • AgW, AgWC, AgMo, CuW, and CuWC – Press / Sintered / Infiltrated
  • AgC and AgNi – Press / Sintered / Repressed
  • AgCdO – Powdered Metal, Internally Oxidized, Directionally Oxidized
  • AgSnO – Internally Oxidized
  • Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys

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