Ask the R&D Team

Deringer-Ney is fortunate to have so many bright minds on staff helping customers solve their material design issues. If you have a question about a material you are working with or what material would be best for your application, fill out the form. One of our talented material scientists will help you resolve your material-specific question.

Ask the R&D Team

Team Info

Patrick K. Bowen, PhD
Director of R&D

Pat received his doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological University. His strengths lie in precious metal alloy design, electrical contacts, and biomaterials.

Grant Justice
Senior Research Metallurgist

Grant received dual degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. His strengths include alloy design, powder metallurgy, and process design. 

Wade Jensen, PhD
Senior Research Metallurgist

Wade received his doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Virginia. His interests lie in phase transformations and hierarchical alloy design.

Megan K. Puglia, PhD
Senior Research Chemist

Megan received her doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Connecticut. Her strengths lie in compositional analysis, electrochemistry, and biomaterials.