Deringer-Ney has many diverse stamping capabilities from prototyping to reel to reel. We strive to provide the manufacturing capabilities that provide our customers with the capability to produce high-performing components.

Reel to Reel

Reel to Reel stamp or Loose Piece Manufacture is one of Deringer-Ney’s main capabilities. With the ability to stamp a piece of strip down to 0.0015 in (0.0381mm). Reel to Reel stamping allows the manufactured piece that was stamped to be left on the strip for another subsequent operation such as welding, molding, or plating. This manufacturing process greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing each piece individually. Typical in this process sheet metal in roll form is punched along both edges to create indexing holes to track position. The stamping machine advances the strip through the stamping process using the holes. A die and punch set is created specifically for each part geometry.

Loose Piece Stamping

Loose piece stamping stamps out the component for final shipping or to be moved to another process such as heat treating or plating. While most components can be Reel to Reel stamped some processes require that parts be loose piece stamped


Deringer-Ney has the unique capability to stamp metal strip stock down to 0.0015 inches (0.0381mm). Stamping thin material can be difficult for most manufacturers due to the various mechanical properties of the metal and the tight tolerance that are required to produce a precision product. Our team of tool designers has mastered the skill of producing high-quality, thin stamped products in high volume form.

High Precision Progressive Dies

Deringer-Ney stamps materials as thin as 0.0015 inches (0.038 mm). Our tight punch and die clearances allow us to stamp fine features into the parts.  Our die sets feature built-in adjusters that enable us to maintain tight angular tolerances on formed features. We are also capable of building family tooling that enables us to make multiple parts from a single die set by changing part-specific inserts.

Precious, Semi-precious, Non-precious Metal Stamping

We routinely stamp parts made from the following materials: Gold alloys, Platinum alloys, Palladium alloys, Silver alloys, Bi-metallic materials, Niobium, Titanium, Copper alloys, Inconel, Monel, and Stainless steels.

Four Slide

Deringer-Ney utilizes four slide forming machines create wire and flat strip (ribbon) parts with intricate profiles.  We can form wire materials with diameter as small as 0.005 inches (0.127 mm) and ribbon materials with thickness down to 0.003 inches (0.076 mm).

Engineering Support for Manufacturability

Deringer-Ney’s engineering support includes a fully-staffed R&D and Engineering Design department. The R&D group works with customers to design material right for customer-specific applications. The engineering department helps customers find the most effective and efficient way to manufacture components. Both of these departments together help to decrease component cost and increase component performance.

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