Metal Joining

Deringer-Ney has the unique capability to join two metals together in order to decrease the cost of the final part or to increase the qualities of the material in use. The practice of joining similar or not similar metals is something that Deringer-Ney excels at. If you don’t see the specific capability that you were looking for below, reach out to our engineering team to see how we can solve your unique problem.

Continuous Seam Welding

Our contact tape department produces continuously welded tape, using a variety of materials for electrical contacts, switch and sensor applications.

Welded tape contains a cap of precious metal, which is the material needed for electrical function, and a base of non-precious metal, which supports the cap and facilitates attachment to the substrate in the electrical device. Cap materials can be silver, gold, palladium, platinum, or other precious alloys. Base materials are typically nickel, cupronickel, or other non-precious alloys.

Tape profiles can be rectangular or pyramidal. Tapes can be provided continuous, on spools, or cut to length. In addition to providing contact tapes, we can also attach tapes to springs, terminals, or other substrates by automatic welding (for high volume) or hand welding (for low volume).

Automatic Resistance Welding

At Deringer-Ney we have numerous high speed resistance welders. We have an extensive selection of high speed automatic stamping and welding lines to address the need for springs and terminals for the automotive, appliance, and electromechanical switch industry. These are also useable for other parts.

Semiautomatic Welding and Brazing

For any product that is low volume or for prototypes, we offer semiautomatic welding and brazing, which requires less expensive tooling than fully automated production.

Furnace Brazing

DNI has the capability of brazing in protective atmospheres containing nitrogen and hydrogen. High throughput techniques have been developed for using continuous mesh belt furnaces for joining a large number of material combinations. In our brazing department, we produce millions of electric contacts per year including bimetal contact buttons, bimetal studs, and bimetal rivet style contacts. 

Brazing can produce geometries where the precious metal contact material cannot readily be joined to the backing by other means, such as cold cladding, cold heading or welding. Since it is a metallic bond, the braze joint is extremely strong.

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