Deringer-Ney, Inc. specializes in the precision machining and micromachining of complex, tight tolerance components. Many of these components are manufactured from custom alloys produced at Deringer-Ney, Inc. and specifically designed for a variety of applications. We are able to utilize our machining and precious metal expertise to provide a highly value added solution to customer needs.

Screw Machining

Swiss Screw Machining is the process of rapidly cutting and removing metal in order to produce complex parts. Similar to a CNC lathe, metal rod is fed into the machine where our highly trained technicians will use specific cutting tools for adding features like holes, chamfers or threads. We have numerous high precision screw machines at our facility in Bloomfield. Because of our expertise in precious metal alloys, we take extra care to ensure that all scrap is retained and eliminate any cross contamination.

Multi-Axis Machining

Traditional Swiss screw machining produces a variety of parts, but only being able to control 3 axis of motion limits the geometry of parts it can produce. Complex parts with curved holes or projections or multiple axis of non-orthogonal symmetry cannot be manufactured on this type of equipment and often require multiple setups to machine. Multi-Axis machines provide additional axis of adjustment that are accomplished through rotation of the cutting tools and/or motion control of the work piece holder. These additional axis of control allow much more complicated geometries to be created in one setup. In addition, this equipment can produce better surface finishes and features with tighter tolerances as the additional axis offer multiple approaches for producing a part. At Deringer-Ney, we have a number of multi-axis machining solutions in addition to traditional Swiss machining that allows us to choose the right piece of equipment based on our customer’s requirements for geometry, precision, and cost.

Wire EDM

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a process used to machine and cut metals that are traditionally very difficult to machine with other methods. The metal alloy is mounted on a fixture and placed into a dielectric fluid where a spark is created between the metal and the wire electrode. As the wire passes through the part, metal is eroded with high accuracy producing a part the meets very tight tolerances. At DNI our expert engineers work closely our customers to evaluate the part design and provide the best solution we can offer with use of our EDM processes.

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