Transit and Rail

Electrical Contact Assemblies and Copper Extrusions for Low to Medium Voltage

Standard Contact Designs Include:
  • General Electric
  • Bombardier
  • Westinghouse
  • EMD

Applications Include:
  • Electrical System Controls
  • Power Contactors
  • Trackside Rail Signal Control

Applications & Products

Our electrical components made from refractory metal contact materials are used in many power and switching applications in light rail transit trains and diesel locomotives.



Diesel Electric

Rail Switching Components

Contact Kits

Electrical Contact Assemblies

Don't See Your Application?

Advanced Refractory Contact Assemblies using Silver, Copper, and Tungsten

  • Pressed / Sintered / Infiltrated Method
    for AgW, AgWC, AgMo, CuW & CuWC Materials
  • Press / Sintered / Repressed Methodfor AgC & AgNi Materials
  • Powder Metallurgically Produced AgCdO
  • Internally Oxidized AgCdO, AgSnO
  • Directionally Oxidized AgCdO
  • Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys

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