Powder Metallurgy

  • Custom-engineered, refractory electrical contacts & assemblies
    Vertically-integrated process beginning with Cu, Ag, W, and Mo elemental powders
  • In-house powder blending, pressing, & sintering operations
  • High density electrical contacts containing silver or copper blended with tungsten, molybdenum, and graphite
  • Semi-refractory alloys for high arcing applications include silver cadmium oxide & silver tin oxide
  • Over 40 different refractory metal compositions to meet any high voltage and/or high current switching application
  • Fully staffed R&D department specializing in metallurgy & chemistry


For many applications, we are able to support our in-house production of contact materials with our own copper extrusion facility for the production of specialty shaped hot extruded, colddrawn copper bar. Not only do we produce custom powder metal contacts, but our unique ability to fabricate and assemble complete contact assemblies, ready for installation including attachments of braided wire shunts, related components, springs, and hardware.

  • Pressed / Sintered / Infiltrated Method for AgW, AgWC, AgMo, CuW & CuWC Materials
  • Press / Sintered / Repressed Method for AgC & AgNi Materials
  • Powder Metallurgically Produced AgCdO
  • Internally Oxidized AgCdO, AgSnO
  • Directionally Oxidized AgCdO
    Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys


We manufacture and supply high-density powder metallurgically produced refractory metal contact materials that set the industry standard for performance. We operate a fully equipped powder metallurgy department housing specialty powder processing and blending equipment, powder presses rated up to 35 tons, and hydrogen-based batch sintering furnaces. Machined-to size contacts may also be refractory etched and heat cleaned to provide an attachable surface for brazing.

  • 20-35 Tons Powder Press Capacity
  • Hydrogen-Based Sintering Furnaces
  • Standard Powder Blending Equipment
  • Hydraulic Coining to 400 Tons
  • Autocoining to 60 Tons
  • Stamping Presses from 18 to 125 Tons
  • In-House Production for Progressive and Universal Die Sets

Application Engineering

Arcing contact design requires a fine balance between competing engineering criteria – high electrical and thermal conductivity, minimum arc erosion, rapid arc extinguishing, prevention of contact welding, and long life. Depending on your application, several material compositions may meet your needs. Contact us to assist with your design.


  • Motor Controllers
  • Commercial Lighting and HVAC
  • On-load Tap Changers
  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Automatic Reclosers
  • Heavy Duty Switchgear
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Utility Network Protectors
  • Low to Medium Voltage Load Control

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