Mining & Heavy Duty Off Road Vehicles

Power Contact Assemblies for Extreme Environments

  • Standard GE Contact Designs Available
  • Copper Shunts and Flexible Connections
  • Complex Geometry
  • Custom-Manufactured Contact Assemblies
  • Standard Repair and Replacement Electrical Contacts


Our electrical components made from refractory metal contact materials are used in many power switching applications in electric mining equipment and heavy duty off-road vehicles. Our position sensor and switching contacts provide reliability in extreme environments for critical applications.

Underground Mining Equipment

Electric Surface Mining Vehicles

Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles

Electrical Contact Assemblies

Replacement Contact Kits

Don't See Your Application?

Advanced Refractory Contact Assemblies using
Silver, Copper, and Tungsten

  • Pressed / Sintered / Infiltrated Method
    for AgW, AgWC, AgMo, CuW & CuWC Materials
  • Press / Sintered / Repressed Methodfor AgC & AgNi Materials
  • Powder Metallurgically Produced AgCdO
  • Internally Oxidized AgCdO, AgSnO
  • Directionally Oxidized AgCdO
  • Fine Silver and Coin Silver Alloys

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