Copper Extrusions

We specialize in the production of small lot, specialty shaped extrusions from C11000 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper and can provide our customers with a range of options from full bar lengths, precision cut lengths, or fully machined products ready for assembly.

Custom Extruded
Copper Forms

  • Small Lot Production
  • Complex Geometries


  • Industrial Switchgear
  • Electric Motors
  • Ground Systems
  • Electrical Interconnects


This is a complete system that includes a high-speed induction billet heater, a shuttle press capable of automatic bar pointing, and a standing wave in-line water-cooling system to reduce copper oxide formation during the extrusion process. The process is finished on our 45-foot cold draw bench, which allows us to reduce the extrusion to its finished size with a high degree of precision, repeatability, and hardness.

Hot Extruded, Cold Drawn Copper Bar

Max Total Area: 3.9 Sq. Inch
Max Width: 4.5 Inches


C11000 ETP Copper
(Other Alloys Available on Demand)

Extrusion Product
Component Parts
Contact Substrates

Additional Services Provided
Saw Cutting

Extrusion Product Form
Specialty Bus Bar Sizes
Specialty Edge Conditions
Specialty Profiles and Shapes

Complex Geometries

Copper extrusions with tight radii, small features, and sharp angles. Pictured to the right is a part requiring many complex features. The final part is a silver plated, high voltage arcing contact assembly using a copper extrusion and silver tungsten contact tip.

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