Copper Extrusion

We specialize in the production of small lot, specialty shaped extrusions from C11000 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper and can provide customers with a range of options from full bar lengths, precision cut lengths, or fully machined products ready for assembly.


Hot extruded, cold drawn copper bar; maximum cross-section 3.9 sq inches, maximum width 4.5 inches; additional processes include saw cutting, tumbling, deburring, cleaning, and machining.

Custom Forms for Many Applications

  • Industrial Switchgear
  • Electric Motors
  • Grounding Systems
  • Electrical Interconnects
  • High Energy Circuit
  • Breakers and Contactors

Complex Geometries

Copper extrusions with tight radii, small features, and sharp angles. Pictured to the right is a part requiring many complex features. The final part is a silver plated, high voltage arcing contact assembly using a copper extrusion and silver tungsten contact tip.

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